GWAHS - Mt Druitt and Penrith Newsletter

GWAHS - Mt Druitt and Penrith newsletter;

Its been a busy June! How did we end up in July already?

Both of our health facilities Mt Druitt and Penrith have been exceptionally busy with plenty of people taking the opportunity to come in for Aboriginal health assessments as part of the deadly blues campaign, as part of this campaign we conducted over 270 Aboriginal health assessments for community- a big thanks to the community for being so proactive in getting involved in the program and we have really appreciated NSW rugby leagues contribution of the “deadly Blues” jerseys as an incentive! Congratulations to the 2 winners of the deadly blues experience (INSERT NAMES!) who as part of coming in and getting a health check won an awesome State of Origin experience- Go the BLUES!!

As part of flu season, we have been busy at work providing influenza vaccinations- Flu vaccines are still available so please come in and get one in order to protect yourself and your family.

Smoking cessation- a big thanks to the NSW Ministry of Health for providing increased access to Nicotine Replacement Therapy for the community, we have given out a heap of NRT for individuals trying to Quit if you are thinking about Quitting- please come have a yarn with our staff and we can help!

Welcome to Deborah Somanader our new clinic nurse!

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