The Healthy for Life Program objectives are to:

  1. Improve the availability of child and maternal health care
  2. Improvement in the prevention, early detection and management of chronic diseases
  3. Improve the long term health outcome of Indigenous Australians

The Healthy for Life team offer a broad range of services to support the local community including full ante natal, maternal and child health and chronic disease support.

How we can help?

Greater Western Aboriginal Health Service

Chronic Disease

Clients are provided with services to support chronic disease. Preventative strategies are utilized including annual health checks/assessments to review their chronic disease but also to monitor their progress.

Greater Western Aboriginal Health Service

Health Checks

Health checks are provided to both adults and children and are commenced by staff with the G.P. completing this assessment. Health Checks are conducted not only in the centre but as an outreach service for schools, preschools and at promotion activities.