WACHS Vision

WACHS is acknowledged and respected as an organisation of excellence which is demonstrated by a healthier Aboriginal community.

WACHS Mission Statement

To advocate for and facilitate the achievement and maintenance of health outcomes consistent with Aboriginal peoples’ evolving notion of cultural well being.


WACHS plans, delivers, co-ordinates and advocates for effective clinic and community-based primary health care services to the Aboriginal community.

WACHS Objectives

  1. Provide culturally appropriate primary health care service for Aboriginal people and the wider community within the Wellington shire.
  2. Administer and operate an Aboriginal Medical Service within the legal framework, funding agreements and the capacity of WACHS.
  3. Enhance the health status of the Aboriginal community in Wellington shire including, Nanima Reserve.
  4. Involve Aboriginal people in the planning and provision of primary health care services.
  5. Provide professional development for our Aboriginal Board and staff to support their roles and responsibilities within WACHS.
  6. Support and assist Aboriginal people to better utilise existing holistic health care services.