Emu Plains Correctional Centre Belly Cast - January 2020

02 Jan 2020

This belly cast’s inspiration was based on this year’s 2020 NAIDOC theme ‘Always Was Always Will Be’. This is written in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags situated on the top of the belly cast.

The NSW Tribal Map was included due to this year’s NAIDOC theme and to give women who are away from home and off country a sense of belonging and welcoming to another country. It’s also gives them an opportunity to share information with other sisters of which tribe they were born on, where they live, who’s they’re mob and what tribes they are connected to.

Dharug land is covered in pink glitter this is the tribal country the women are on. The three circles covered in pink glitter represent The Three Sisters located in the Blue Mountains. This iconic landmark was added because of its location and unique Aboriginal Dreamtime story of Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo.

The pink symbols on the top left and right represent women sitting and teaching children. The circle in the middle up the top is the Jacaranda tree and three Emu’s on the plain. These represent Jacaranda house, the large amount of Jacaranda trees in this area and the Emu’s represent Emu Plains location name.

Our people believe we come from the stars and a shooting star is a sign that a baby has been born on country. The stars are representation of these stories and the bottom star of the Southern Cross is where the head of the Emu in the sky starts and indicates to our people egg collection season. The blue and pink dots on the bottom and sides represent boys and girls.

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