How long have you been on the board?

First year on the board

What are your this['Qualifications']?

  • Aboriginal Education Officer/teacher at Wellington High.
  • Double Degree in Education
  • Butcher by trade
  • Out of home care supervisor/educator with children who are with Department of Community Services

What relevant work experience do you have?

  • Experience on other boards
  • Vice President of Local AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultative Group)
  • Past President of local Junior Rugby League
  • Working close with the Wellington Community

What life experience do you have?

Where are you from? Born and raised in Wellington.

Who are you? Father of three, and have worked in Wellington my whole life

Who is your mob? Ryan's on fathers side, Powyers on mothers side

What community involvement or experience do you have? Wroked in Wellington with Community in a number of roles, also participated in a lot of local sporting teams.